Read 1,000 books before kindergarten challenge

Devin Scott Announcements

Head on over to the library today to sign your little one up for the read 1,000 books before kindergarten challenge. Once signed up your child will receive a log to list each book that has been read. once the log is filled return it to the library to receive another log and put a sticker on the 1oo books read milestone. don’t forget to return every 100 books to get a new log and to put a sticker on each milestone that is met. once 1,000 books are read the reader will receive a certificate of completion and a free book.

there is also a phone app for the program that you can use to track books if you would prefer if using the app just show us your progress when you stop in library and you can put up your milestone sticker.

Be sure to check the official 1000 books before kindergarten website for information on the challenge and other helpful resources